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When you arrive for your appointment at the office of Peter Duca, DMD, you'll be greeted by our helpful and accommodating staff members. During your visit, Dr. Duca will perform a thorough physical examination that often includes imaging studies in order to better help diagnose and determine a treatment plan for your particular problem. We'll also take the time to discuss your treatment options with you and customize your care based on individual needs. Whether you need general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, we have a solution for you.
We believe that good oral care should start at a very early age. As such, we're happy to see the youngest members of your family. Let us help you ensure that your little one enjoys wonderful health for many years to come.


Sonicare - Duca Dental in Medford, NJ
Sonicare: The sonicare tooth brush is like the “master of all trades” in the toothbrush world. Sonicare toothbrushes have 5 different brushing options including clean, whitening, polishing, gum care, and sensitivity. We sell a variety of sonicare toothbrushes to fit your needs and requirements.
Sleep apnea - Duca Dental in Medford, NJ
sleep apnea: Sleep apnea can be extremely dangerous for patients. Patients who have sleep apnea experience episodes where they actually stop breathing throughout the night and don't even realize it. Signs of sleep apnea are heavy snoring, loud breathing, fatigue throughout the day from lack of sleep at night, and dry mouth. When people hear the words “sleep apnea” they associate it with the huge machine that patients have to wear over their face when sleeping at night. At our office, we have a solution to the sleep apnea problem without the big machine at night. We offer the silent night sleep apnea device. The silent night is affordable, flexible, and comfortable. The silent night has a thin upper and lower tray connected by side-link connectors that slightly push the lower jaw more forward. After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, the patient will be seen in our office for impressions. Once the impressions are taken, they will be sent to the lab where the appliance will be made custom fit the patient. Notice the big difference on how you feel in the morning and snore no more!
Night Guard - Duca Dental in Medford, NJ
Custom fit night guard trays: Grinding and clenching of the teeth can cause serious wear and tear to patients teeth as well as their jaw. Most teeth grinding happens at night time while the patients asleep. Sometimes it goes unnoticed by the patient until they visit their dentist and wear and tear is noticed. If you show signs of grinding your teeth at night we have a solution. At our office we make custom fit night guards by taking an impression of the teeth. The night guards we make are soft, and comfortable. Patients who where their night guards every night have showed extreme improvement with their grinding habits.
Teeth whitening At our office we offer many different products for teeth whitening. We have in office chair side whitening as well as take home kits.
GLO - Duca Dental in Medford, NJ
GLO: as featured on QVC, GLO is one of our most famous whitening products. What makes glo so effective is the technology in the light up mouthpiece. Light as well as heat is used in the mouthpiece to accelerate the whitening process making it more effective and efficient. For maximum whiteness, we recommend the patient undergoes the in office chair-side whitening treatment. The in office whitening treatment has the highest concentration of whitening which is applied by our professionals. The in office treatment takes about one hour, but you walk out of our office with your teeth 6-8 shades whiter. For patients that just don’t have the extra time to spend at the dentist, we do have a GLO take home kit which includes the light up mouthpiece, lip protection, and 10 gel applicators. The glo take home kit supplies can last up to one year before more refills will have to be purchased. We highly recommend glo to patients that have sensitive teeth but also want whiter teeth. Patients have reported little to no sensitivity after using GLO.
Glo take home kit instructions:
Step 1: apply lip protection
Step 2: apply the slightest amount of the gel to all of the front teeth
Step 3: insert the mouthpiece and turn it on for the 1st 8 minute cycle. When the 8 minutes is up, the light will automatically turn off.
Step 4: repeat steps 1-3 4 times in a row for a maximum use of 32 minutes
We recommend using GLO 5 days in a row for better results your first time.
Opalescence custom whitening trays - Duca Dental in Medford, NJ
Opalescence custom whitening trays: Opalescence take home whitening gel is only offered by dental professionals. Opalescence whitening will give you that whiter and brighter smile you are looking for. Opalescence whitening treatment is great for patients that want custom whitening to do on their own time. If our patient is interested in whitening and we believe the opalescence treatment will work best for them, impressions of the upper and lower teeth will be taken, and thin soft trays will be made for the patient. The thin trays will come with 4-8 gel syringes. On the patient's own time, he/she will apply half a pea size amount to each tooth premolar to premolar on the top and bottom then wear the trays. We recommend only keeping the trays in for 15-30 minutes maximum.
Opalescence to-go trays - Duca Dental in Medford, NJ
Opalescence to-go trays: Opalescence to-go trays is an over the counter option for whitening that we have here at our office. The to-go trays come with 10 disposable trays that have the whitening gel in them. We recommend wearing the to-go trays for about 15-30 minutes for 5-10 days in a row.
Whitening pens - Duca Dental in Medford, NJ
Whitening pens: To keep up with your teeth whitening, we sell on the go whitening pens. Whitening pens are great for ladies to keep in their purses, and for patients to even keep in their car to whiten on the go. When using the whitening pen make sure your teeth are dry. Paint the whitening gel on the teeth just like lipstick, and leave it on for 1 minute.
Under Armour’s - Duca Dental in Medford, NJ
Under Armour sports guard: Protective mouth wear is EXTREMELY prominent while playing sports such as football, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, ect. Protective mouth wear is also very important for those who lift heavy weights at the gym. At our office we do custom fit Under Armour performance mouth guards. We take the impressions in-office then send them off to Under Armour’s professional lab where the mouth guards are made. The custom mouth guards are a great investment for a comfortable, effective, and long lasting mouth guard.